Monday, April 20, 2009

My car boo boo!!

Sunday morning when I backed out of the garage when heading to Panera for my Sunday paper ritual, I hit the side of the garage and tore my mirror completely off!! I had to duct tape it back on!! :(
$1048.64!! Whoo Hoo!!! Ouch!!! That also includes replacing the fender Paul cracked up this winter. Oh well. Who needs savings anyway?

Buster the cat!!! Another of my loves from the route.


We had such a nice Easter with Paul's parents! We had a delicious ham and Paul made fried potatoes. We also brought corn bread and potato salad. It was yummy!!

We also helped them re-hang their living room curtains which was quite amusing. In the end we e cut the seams with a razor blade!! We finally got them up.

Then, we went home, dropped the leftovers off and took off for Bar Louie's for a drink, Barnes & Noble for a cappuccino, and then off to the movies for Adventureland, which was pretty good. BUSY DAY!!!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lovely weekend

For the end of my vacation week, we went up to Schaumburg for a little relaxation. We stayed at our new favorite hotel, Hyatt Place, near Woodfield Mall and had a ball. First, we went to one of our favorite restaurant, P.F. Chang's. They have this fabulous lamb dish I love, which is weird because I really dont eat lamb very much. This dish, though, is truly wonderful; full of spices!

After lunch we walked around Woodfield for some shopping. Victoria Secret was having a big sale and I got a cute travel bag for my many toiletries which I sorely needed! It came in very handy at the end of the weekend!! I also bought a Cure shirt at Hot Topic. It is so cute and Paul loves it.

After shopping, we checked into our hotel and unpacked. We brought our DVD player and some movies from home, so we hooked that up and watched Rachael Getting Married. It was really good though rather sad... After the movie, we took a trip to the pool area downstairs and sat in the jacuzzi for a while. We had to get out when 4 fat people decided we didnt deserve any privacy and sat their fat butts in with us!! We went back up to the room and watched Braveheart on TV, one of our favorites.

The next hour is censored; SORRY!! :) Later, we went to another of our favorite haunts, Ram Brewing Company. We always sit in their enormous bar and I always order the same thing; Blue Crab and Artichoke sandwich. YUM YUM!!! We stayed a while and then walked back to our hotel right next door. It was pretty cold and I was glad because I had a chance to wear some winter clothes I had just bought. I have a black cashmere cape I was very happy to wear!!

Next morning, we went down to the complimentary breakfast and munched! Then we packed up and headed to the downtown Chicago area. Paul wanted to stop at a spice shop on Wells, so we stopped there and he picked up some great spices so that he can make fabulous dinners for me!! :) Then, we headed to Flattop Grill for some Mongollian BBQ. As usual, it was fabulous!!

After lunch, we went to World Market and then Whole Foods for some grocery shopping. Thank goodness we were rather full or it would have cost a fortune. As it was, we spent enough! I had to stock up on my favorite peanut butter, because we do not have a Whole Foods at home. When we were done it was already 5pm, so we had to get on the road!! It was rainy/snowy and very cold. We got home at 7, unpacked, let the ferrets run around for a while, and then I went to bed! I had to get up at 5:30 to go to work.

And the sad end to this story is, I woke up to not only snow, but NO POWER! Nice. I had to get ready for work by candle light. Not cool!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Day!!

I finally did it! I have had ENOUGH!! I will not spend one more summer watching the neighbor's obnoxious children ride their bikes across my lawn!! No more playing football on MY lawn instead of their own! I am totally sorry they have a small front yard, but not my problem! I am sick of picking up the trash that my neighbors throw on the ground in their yard. My neighbor on that side has a front yard that looks like a trash dump. It is so horrible and their daughter is loud and rude, of course. YEA FENCE!!!!!

Deb's wedding

Deb's wedding