Saturday, February 28, 2009


My best friend, Kim, is at Disneyworld and got Rhino's autograph!!! She is so cool and she sent me a picture to freak out over. She knows he is my FAVORITE!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Monday night we had some running around to do, so we decided to eat dinner at Friday's. It was a nice time and we were enjoying out food/conversations. As sunset approached, I began to be blinded by the setting sun in the window across from me. Paul had his back to it, so it was only affecting me... I told him I was going to ask the server if he would close it, because it was a window at someone elses table. Paul got up and went over to this large party and said, "Do you mind if I close this?" A twenty-something black kid playing with his cell phone said, "Yes, I mind very much." Paul looked at him, closed the blind, and said, "I'm over here." gesturing back toward our table. Heh Heh Heh. My hero. The kid proceeded to talk a bunch of crap about it, but never did anything. Maybe because my husband is 6'3, or maybe because he kept his steak knife near his hand after our server cleared our plates.... We will never know. I love my husband. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching up!!!

Ok, I am a bad blogger. Deb has been so good with hers on their vacation and I am feeling bad. In my defense, I am not on vacation...

So, for over a week I have been fighting this crazy "cold". It started with a terrible sore throat and I was worried it was Strep. But, Thursday it turned into a horrific head cold and my throat was no longer an issue. I was then blowing my nose on an average of once every 10 minutes. My poor little red nose!!! Also, not so easy while walking 8 miles in the snow, with both hands full of mail!!!! Quite a lot of fun, you can imagine.

I switched my day off this week from Saturday to Monday so I could watch the Oscars with my hubby. It is a tradition with us that is 7 years and counting. One year I made the mistake of scheduling my trip to California to visit my parents during that time. Paul and I spent the whole show texting/calling each other like teenagers. So, never again!! We get all excited about it and this year we tried to see all the nominated movies before hand. We almost made it. We missed Frost/Nixon and Benjamin Button. Oh well. We are probably the only people in our set of friends who saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was so good!!! Anyway, we spent the evening on the couch with snackies and enjoyed the show. I think we agreed it was the best one in recent years. Lots of funny parts and also some tearjerkers.

Saturday night, we went to a local high school for a Led Zepplin/ Pink Floyd laser show. It was pretty cool and we both enjoyed it. It was shown at the planetarium.

Usually, on Sunday mornings I get up early and head off to Panera Bread with my paper for breakfast and grocery planning. Saturday evening I decided to give it a miss this week and sleep in, and spent the day with Paul. I really needed the rest and we needed to reconnect after 2 weeks of hand injury and nasty cold drama. It turned out to be an excellent decision on many levels. We woke up to 12 inches of snow and still falling. Also, I really needed the sleep and felt much better for it. We spent the whole day watching movies ( Hanibal Rising, Changeling, and No Country For Old Men) and just relaxing. No where to be and no plans. So wonderful. I did go out and shovel the snow, which I find invigorating, as I am not a very good couch potato... Too hyper.

Today, I will go to Panera, get the shopping done and all other chores around the house. I think it was an excellent weekend!!

Also, I have to fax our paperwork to the mortgage company. We refinanced the house from 6.5% to 5%!! How awesome is that??!!! What a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My throat

Do I have strep throat? Who knows!! I dont have time to go to the doctor. My throat has hurt for several days and there are tiny bumps on the back of my throat. Paul just gave me a shot of Tequila to gargle with! Nice!! It seems to be working. At least, I dont care anymore! Maybe I will make it to the Dr Friday...

Friday night I am going to dinner with my friend Kim. She will be on vacation for two weeks, so we need to go out and drink!! I am sure we will find much to bitch about! The odds are high.

Saturday night we are going to a Pink Floyd laser show. It should be fun. And on Sunday:
The Oscars!!!! Yea!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The weekend

Saturday night, Valentines Day, we had a nice evening at home. Paul made shrimp appetizers, ribeye steaks, and lobster tails!! It was delicious!!! He gave me a beautiful card and two movies I like. I gave him a new computer chair for the studio. His old one was broken and dangerous!!! We watched Grosse Pointe Blank before retiring for the evening. Unfortunately, Saturday was a work day for us both so we were pretty tired.

Sunday we met Paul's parents for a movie and dinner. We were really excited about them seeing Gran Torino, which we had previously seen, and were so sure they would love. And they did. It is a great film, but not for the easily offended!! Then we went to Red Lobster, which was really nice. After dinner, we ran next door to meet our old friend Mele, who was visiting from Phoenix. She is so sweet and we had a good time catching up.

Unfortunately, I knew Saturday I was coming down with a cold, so by Sunday I was feeling like crap!!! Also, at the movies, I reinjured my hand... I was holding Paul's hand with my left hand and carrying my purse with the bad hand. I re-sprained it. It hurt all night. I slept with the brace on last night. Hopefully, it will be better by tomorrow.

So, I am laying on the couch with the laptop, a cat, New Wave on the satellite radio, and various libations pilled up on my table beside me. I am hoping this cold will run its course by tomorrow and I am thankful today is a holiday. It currently feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.

Must stop now because my hand is hurting. I am falling apart!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hi! Yes, The Man was in Elkhart yesterday. And, actually he was in South Bend where I am, too! He flew into the airport I used to work at. And oddly enough, the husband of a woman I work with now is a cop at the airport and is a certified sharp shooter. Everytime the Secret Service is here they call him in to work with them. So, my friend, Karen, was allowed in the police hangers where the Presidential limos were being kept and she talked to the Secret Service about the Obamas!! She was so excited. It was pretty cool.

Monday, February 9, 2009

So, my hand... Thursday afternoon, when I had about an hour left on my route, I reached for a bundle of letters on the left side of my body with my right hand. When I tried to pull the bundle out, I heard a loud pop and a felt a sharp pain in my hand. The pain continued for the rest of my route, so I filed a report at work and went to Med-Point. They took x-rays and they showed nothing broken or dislocated. It was determined I sprained the tendons in my hand. The Dr gave me a brace that prevents me from moving my thumb, which uses those tendons. I am not to use my right arm at work until at least Friday, which is when the Dr will look at it. So, I am stuck in the office all day long using only my left arm!!! Too much fun. I case mail all day and I am so sick of it!!! But, my hand hurts so I will deal with it.

That is the news on that and I must stop typing because it HURTS!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Hand

Can't type much now, but I sprained the tendons in my right hand at work Thursday and am on light duty in the office. I am fine. It will just take time to heal. I will write more when I can.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gran Torino

Tonight after work Paul and I saw Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino. It was really good and we plan on telling Paul's parent to see it. I think they would really love it. Clint is always so awesome!

It is our mission to see all the Oscar nominated movies before the Oscars on the 23rd. We are such movie geeks, but I hate watching the Oscars without knowing if the winner deserved it over someone I wanted....

So far, I want:

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire
Supporting Actor: Heath, of course
Best Actress: Miss Kate in The Reader
Best Song: Peter Gabriel, Wall-E
Best Animated Film: Wall-E

Cannot think of anymore right now... We really like Sean Penn in Milk. It was an awesome film. Slumdog was great. The Reader was great. I cannot wait for the Oscars!! I actually traded days off with friend so I could have the day after off!! Then I can stay up late and watch the WHOLE thing!! The Oscars are definitely the Super Bowl in the Seeger's house!! Forget football!! We take movies!!!
I have a rant!! Today, a customer of mine emailed a diatribe to my supervisors. This obnoxious person started said letter with, "The laziness of my letter carrier disgusts me." The reason for this complaint was this: the customer had not shoveled their front steps and path to the mailbox. Their steps looked more like a ramp than stairs. There were no stairs. I could not even see them!! So, when I would get to the steps, I would pause, look at the steps, shake my head, and put their mail behind all the rest of my mail to take back to the truck. The customer said I looked at their box and apparently decided it was too far to walk, so refused to deliver!! Seriously!!!

If you are going to insult me, come up with something other than lazy. You dont shovel your steps. I walk 8 miles a day carrying 10-20 lbs, in all kinds of weather. Which one of us is lazy??!!

Thank you. I feel better!!!

Deb's wedding

Deb's wedding