Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have a rant!! Today, a customer of mine emailed a diatribe to my supervisors. This obnoxious person started said letter with, "The laziness of my letter carrier disgusts me." The reason for this complaint was this: the customer had not shoveled their front steps and path to the mailbox. Their steps looked more like a ramp than stairs. There were no stairs. I could not even see them!! So, when I would get to the steps, I would pause, look at the steps, shake my head, and put their mail behind all the rest of my mail to take back to the truck. The customer said I looked at their box and apparently decided it was too far to walk, so refused to deliver!! Seriously!!!

If you are going to insult me, come up with something other than lazy. You dont shovel your steps. I walk 8 miles a day carrying 10-20 lbs, in all kinds of weather. Which one of us is lazy??!!

Thank you. I feel better!!!

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Deb's wedding