Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching up!!!

Ok, I am a bad blogger. Deb has been so good with hers on their vacation and I am feeling bad. In my defense, I am not on vacation...

So, for over a week I have been fighting this crazy "cold". It started with a terrible sore throat and I was worried it was Strep. But, Thursday it turned into a horrific head cold and my throat was no longer an issue. I was then blowing my nose on an average of once every 10 minutes. My poor little red nose!!! Also, not so easy while walking 8 miles in the snow, with both hands full of mail!!!! Quite a lot of fun, you can imagine.

I switched my day off this week from Saturday to Monday so I could watch the Oscars with my hubby. It is a tradition with us that is 7 years and counting. One year I made the mistake of scheduling my trip to California to visit my parents during that time. Paul and I spent the whole show texting/calling each other like teenagers. So, never again!! We get all excited about it and this year we tried to see all the nominated movies before hand. We almost made it. We missed Frost/Nixon and Benjamin Button. Oh well. We are probably the only people in our set of friends who saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was so good!!! Anyway, we spent the evening on the couch with snackies and enjoyed the show. I think we agreed it was the best one in recent years. Lots of funny parts and also some tearjerkers.

Saturday night, we went to a local high school for a Led Zepplin/ Pink Floyd laser show. It was pretty cool and we both enjoyed it. It was shown at the planetarium.

Usually, on Sunday mornings I get up early and head off to Panera Bread with my paper for breakfast and grocery planning. Saturday evening I decided to give it a miss this week and sleep in, and spent the day with Paul. I really needed the rest and we needed to reconnect after 2 weeks of hand injury and nasty cold drama. It turned out to be an excellent decision on many levels. We woke up to 12 inches of snow and still falling. Also, I really needed the sleep and felt much better for it. We spent the whole day watching movies ( Hanibal Rising, Changeling, and No Country For Old Men) and just relaxing. No where to be and no plans. So wonderful. I did go out and shovel the snow, which I find invigorating, as I am not a very good couch potato... Too hyper.

Today, I will go to Panera, get the shopping done and all other chores around the house. I think it was an excellent weekend!!

Also, I have to fax our paperwork to the mortgage company. We refinanced the house from 6.5% to 5%!! How awesome is that??!!! What a great weekend!!!

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