Monday, February 9, 2009

So, my hand... Thursday afternoon, when I had about an hour left on my route, I reached for a bundle of letters on the left side of my body with my right hand. When I tried to pull the bundle out, I heard a loud pop and a felt a sharp pain in my hand. The pain continued for the rest of my route, so I filed a report at work and went to Med-Point. They took x-rays and they showed nothing broken or dislocated. It was determined I sprained the tendons in my hand. The Dr gave me a brace that prevents me from moving my thumb, which uses those tendons. I am not to use my right arm at work until at least Friday, which is when the Dr will look at it. So, I am stuck in the office all day long using only my left arm!!! Too much fun. I case mail all day and I am so sick of it!!! But, my hand hurts so I will deal with it.

That is the news on that and I must stop typing because it HURTS!!!

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Deb's wedding

Deb's wedding