Thursday, February 26, 2009


Monday night we had some running around to do, so we decided to eat dinner at Friday's. It was a nice time and we were enjoying out food/conversations. As sunset approached, I began to be blinded by the setting sun in the window across from me. Paul had his back to it, so it was only affecting me... I told him I was going to ask the server if he would close it, because it was a window at someone elses table. Paul got up and went over to this large party and said, "Do you mind if I close this?" A twenty-something black kid playing with his cell phone said, "Yes, I mind very much." Paul looked at him, closed the blind, and said, "I'm over here." gesturing back toward our table. Heh Heh Heh. My hero. The kid proceeded to talk a bunch of crap about it, but never did anything. Maybe because my husband is 6'3, or maybe because he kept his steak knife near his hand after our server cleared our plates.... We will never know. I love my husband. :)

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Deb's wedding

Deb's wedding