Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Camla's weirdness d'jour

So, is my blog the proper place to admit my bizarre behaviorisms? If not here, where??!! The answer may be nowhere! Keep that shit to yourself, Camla... But, alas, I cannot. I must embrace my weirdness and revel in it.

Today is my day off from the frozen hell that is my route. I stayed up last night until 10:30 (whoo hoo!!). I slept until 7:00!!! Many people will not appreciate how fabulous that is, but my co-workers will... I turned on my phone at 8am to listen to a voice mail from my supervisor asking me if I could please work today. No, I cannot. I have an omellet to make and I must sit on my ass for a few hours, enjoying my rare leisure time. So sorry.

I cleaned the ferret room and started some laundry after surfing the web. Then, I wrote my grocery list and packed up to leave the house. And by "packed up", I mean I put my shovel in my car and drove to my route. Here is where, as my friend Kim put it, the "insanity" began. I went to several houses on my route and shoveled their sidewalks. Kim asked me how many I shoveled, so give me a sec while I count them up... Um, apparently 5 is the total. These people had not TOUCHED their sidewalks. We are talking about a foot and a half to two feet of snow. I was forced to walk is the street when I arrived at these houses, which is both dangerous and time consuming. So, I went out and shoveled them. Why is this crazy? I did not shovel so they could comfortably stroll down their walk. I am on their street 5 and 6 days a week. And winter will last another 2 months at least. So, that is what I did.

Then, I filled up my car for $1.66 a gallon by driving across town to my favorite station and also washed my car. I then went to Pier 1, where they were having a 75% off sale. I think they will be closed within a month or two. It looks like it. Then on to Super Target, where I bought a new mop and some salt for the sidewalk. Woo!!! Next, off to Quizno's for a yummy Classic Italian sandwich. Quizno's has been advertising their new price cuts. Well, I am here to tell you the reason. The sandwiches are now smaller!!! Well, at least they didnt raise the prices... I also went to the Starbuck's drive thru for a mocha frapachino and then hunted my buddy Kim down. We bitched about work and talked about my crazy shoveling and then I let her get back to work!!

I went home to mop the kitchen floor, change the sheets, and run more laundry. That was my day. Much better than the route, I think. I really needed to get all that stuff done and I just needed some time to myself; on no one's schedule but my own.

We made tacos for dinner and watched The L-Word!! Yea!!! And now I am refreshed and ready to go back to work tomorrow. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just knew I would be about as good at this as I am at emailing people!!! My husband has pointed out that I have let my blog go... I just dont really DO much!! I have been working all week with a lot of overtime!!! It has been very tiring, but will be quite lucrative. And we have much bills to pay!!

Today we went to the movies. We saw Revolutionary Road, which is not for the dimwitted. It was very interesting and inspires deep, probing conversations. Kate is so fabulous. A joy to behold.

Friday night Kimmie and I went out to Rocco's for pizza. The girls needed the night out and a few drinks. We ate an order of garlic bread and a large pizza!! We are hilarious. I had 2 glasses of Cabernet and Kim had 2 beers. We had a great time.

I am really having a hard time with the idiots who wont shovel their walks. I am at the point now where I have stopped delivering their mail. I have put several people's mail on hold and I have given up. I am so tired of walking in the street instead of the sidewalk. It is dangerous and infuriating!!!

That was the rant! Watching Kate Winslett on Inside the Actors Studio!! Love her!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Hourly Weather Summary
Friday Afternoon, January 16
7am How much fun was this day??!!! Oh my god!!! I cannot believe I made
SOUTH BEND, IN Hourly Weather it through this day!! I had Vaseline all over my face to prevent
-17° F frostbite. I did not stop for lunch. I was outside for 8 hours straight!!
Snow Seriously, I must be an idiot!! Tomorrow would be my day off, but
I volunteered because we are short-handed... What a moron!!!
SOUTH BEND, IN Hourly Weather
-6° F
Partly Sunny

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Check out this amazing bag I picked up for all my Christmas paper, ribbons, and gift bags!!! It is awesome. It closes and zips like a gun case. Organization!! Whoo hoo!!!
So, we went up to Schaumburg and relaxed at out fabulous hotel and used the hot tub. Then, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Ram microbrewery. I always get this fabulous crab and artichoke sandwich. It is so yummy!!! Then the next day we went to Ikea to search for some lamps for the bedroom. We were looking for one and ended up with three! We had a specific amount of money, which Paul's parents had given us for Christmas. So, when we found three different lamps for less than the amount we had allotted, we were very happy! They look very nice in the bedroom and we are proud of how we compromised! Then, we headed downtown to our favorite stirfry restaurant, Flattop Grill. After stuffing ourselves with yummy stirfry, we headed to World Market and Whole Foods. I bought these cute Christmas ornaments that I could not afford in December. They had been $6.99 and were clearanced out to .49!!!! I was so excited!! One is a cardinal and one hedgehog!!! Happy Camla. Then we went on to spend too much at Whole Foods. You would think it would be safe to shop when full, but as everyone knows, I am NEVER really full. It is a situation that passes within 20 minutes or so. Then, I am ready to eat again!! I bought ginger snaps, artichoke dip, camenbert cheese, and lots more!!! Then we headed home and made it by 7:15.

Next began a week of torturous weather!!! Tomorrow wind chills expected -27!!!! Nice!!!

So, I was a good girl prior to my trip to Chicago. On Friday, I spent the WHOLE day taking down all the Christmas inside the house. I disassembled the tree, packed up the mantle and everything else. Then, of course, I had to clean the living room and put all the normal things back where they belong. It took from 10am to 5pm, with a one hour break to get my hair cut. Then, at 6:30 I met my girlfriends Jen and Kimberlie at Papa Vino's for a much needed drink!!!! They laugh because I spend more money on dinner and desert, when their priority is the drinks!!! I am sorry!! I love my Tiramisu and coffee!!!

Saturday, I made sure all the laundry and grocery shopping was done so when we came back from Chicago I would have a seamless shift into the work week. Paul got home at 2pm and we were on the road by 3. The closer we got to Chicago, the better the roads were. It was pretty decent in Schaumburg. If anyone ever has the opportunity to stay at Hyatt Place, DO IT!! It was so swank!! We only paid $69 and the hotel was gorgeous! We had a bedroom and living room which was split by a divider and a 42 inch flat screen tv that rotated so you could watch it from either room. The living room had a sectional couch and a throw so I curled up there on Sunday morning to watch a movie while Paul slept in.

More on our trip later!! I have to get ready for work!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Spamalot was wonderful! We had such a fun time. We had a drink next door at our favorite spot, The Vine, and then went to the show. It was truly hilarious. I am so glad we got the tickets. They made several local references, which is always fun.

Today we are off to Chicago for the weekend. We will go to our favorite local microbrewery. Tomorrow, off to Ikea!!! They dinner at the stirfry grill, Flattops. Gotta pack!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get through the day!

This is it! All I have to do is make it through this day. Sounds easy, right? It is 17 degrees and will snow 1-3 inches throughout the day. I have HORRIBLE Advos to deliver and 2-3 inches of snow from yesterday already on the ground... Also, apparently I got screwed out of my New Year's Eve overtime because I called in sick the day after. That is $140 I was not prepared to part with... The Man is keeping me down. Oh, the oppression.... But, tonite I will be at Spamalot with my darling, so all will be well. I just have to live through today... :{

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Only two more days till the fun weekend starts!!! We are expected to get several inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. That will make it drag even longer... Today I slipped several times on black ice throughout the day. I cannot believe I did not crack my head open!!! And the sad thing is, I do not even want winter to end because with spring/summer comes the BEES!!!! I would rather freeze than deal with the insects and arachnids!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cant wait for the weekend.

Ok!! We are on final countdown to Spamalot!!! Three more days of work until my 3 day weekend!!! We are going to Chicago on Saturday. Staying in Schaumburg Saturday night with Ram Brewing Company for dinner. Then, Sunday off to Ikea to find my husband's fantasy "perfect lamp". For dinner, back to the city proper for our favorite Flattops stirfry. Yummy!!! We cannot wait!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hi!! I am following my younger, more progressive sisters and starting a blog!!! I hope I can remember to post on it!!!! Must go to bed now, though!! It is sooo late!

Deb's wedding

Deb's wedding