Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So, we went up to Schaumburg and relaxed at out fabulous hotel and used the hot tub. Then, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Ram microbrewery. I always get this fabulous crab and artichoke sandwich. It is so yummy!!! Then the next day we went to Ikea to search for some lamps for the bedroom. We were looking for one and ended up with three! We had a specific amount of money, which Paul's parents had given us for Christmas. So, when we found three different lamps for less than the amount we had allotted, we were very happy! They look very nice in the bedroom and we are proud of how we compromised! Then, we headed downtown to our favorite stirfry restaurant, Flattop Grill. After stuffing ourselves with yummy stirfry, we headed to World Market and Whole Foods. I bought these cute Christmas ornaments that I could not afford in December. They had been $6.99 and were clearanced out to .49!!!! I was so excited!! One is a cardinal and one hedgehog!!! Happy Camla. Then we went on to spend too much at Whole Foods. You would think it would be safe to shop when full, but as everyone knows, I am NEVER really full. It is a situation that passes within 20 minutes or so. Then, I am ready to eat again!! I bought ginger snaps, artichoke dip, camenbert cheese, and lots more!!! Then we headed home and made it by 7:15.

Next began a week of torturous weather!!! Tomorrow wind chills expected -27!!!! Nice!!!

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Deb's wedding